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Puzzle Assessment Support Service (PASS)

Early Intervention & Support at Home

What is PASS?

PASS is a service for children (0-11 years) and families living with autism or communication difficulties, who want to secure further support for their child’s development or those looking for strategies to help them manage the difficulties their child and family faces at home.

Who is it for?

PASS is available to children from early preschool up to the age of 11 years with autism or communication difficulties.

What we provide?

PASS provides families and carers with an assessment of their child’s needs and a recommended programme of support to meet them at home including:

Speech and Language Therapy Assessments & follow on support

Occupational Therapy Assessments & follow on support

SCERTS Assessments & follow on support

Ongoing support packages

For more details on any of our packages, and the fees associated with them here

For further information about the SCERTS model click here.

You can view Emily Rubin giving a brief introduction to SCERTS here.

Read SCERTS Collaborator Barry Prizant’s, Is ABA The Only Way  from Autism Spectrum Quarterly.

Ongoing consultation and support

Please call to discuss how we can support you

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Our Team

PASS is delivered by an expert multi-disciplinary team who are highly qualified in their fields with many years of experience working with very young children with autism or communication difficulties, and their families.

We can provide a package of therapy and support customised to meet the needs of your child and your family.

Whatever challenges you face, PASS can help you to understand why your child behaves in certain ways and give you the tools and structure to support them at home.

If you would like further information, please contact the Centre or download our PUZZLE ASSESSMENT AND SUPPORT SERVICE – LEAFLET